The BATmode system becomes multi-channel capable - We are pleased to announce the new BATmode 2S/2S+, which can now record bat calls with up to four microphones simultaneously. However, since the measuring channels can be individually upgraded modularly according to the requirements of your measurement task, the BATmode 2S/2S+ is also still ideally suited for single-channel measurements. Consequently, in combination with the different microphones, it is possible to cover an extremely wide range of applications with just one measuring system - from monitorings in nacelle height with one microphone on wind turbines to several measuring points along the entire height of a measuring mast. In addition, the BATmode system is still available in two different versions, 2S and 2S+. So you decide which features you need and can minimize your investment. Of course, the BATmode 2S/2S+ still has all the proven features of the BATmode S/S+:

  • For the acoustic recordings of bat calls the UltraSoundGate hardware of Avisoft Bioacoustics recommended in the research project WindBat is used. By this, recorded data is compliant with the software tool ProBat for a standardized calculation of site-individual curtailment algorithms.
  • 4G LTE, WIFI and a wired LAN connection are available for remote access. By these, the BATmode 2S/2S+ can be remotely controled via SMS, smartphone app, myBAT cloud or remote desktop connections.
  • For an easy, industrial-standard compliant installation in wind turbines the BATmode 2S/2S+ can be mounted in the BATbox S.
  • ...
Consequently, the BATmode system is and remains the perfect tool for long-term bat activity monitorings.