BATbox 2S




BATbox 2S with 3m power cable.
Other lengths available on request.
Without mounting material or sealing inserts.

excl. VAT & shipping



Additional earthing cable to extend the earthing protection.
With M8 ring cable lug. Length 3m - other lengths on request.

excl. VAT & shipping

Mounting Magnets


Four rubberized neodymium magnets for tool-free mounting on ferromagnetic surfaces.
70 kg adhesive force and >63 kg shear force per magnet.
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Price on request

Inserts for sealing the cable glands.
Various inserts available for different cable cross-sections.
The selection will be matched to the BATmode configuration.

The BATbox 2S is the ideal mounting device for installing all variants of the BATmode system safely and securely in the nacelle of wind turbines. On one hand, the BATbox 2S offers sufficient space for convenient installation and operation of the BATmode as well as several external UltraSoundGates 116Hnbm from our cooperation partner Avisoft Bioacoustics. On the other hand, due to its dimensions and weight, it is easy to transport into the system nacelle without the use of an external hoist.
The BATbox 2S is supplied with a 3 m power supply cable as standard. Other lengths are available on request. The cable is equipped with plug type E+F, also known as hybrid plug or CEE 7/7, and can therefore be used in many countries (Germany, France, etc.). The box can be mounted horizontally on the floor or vertically on a wall. Mounting magnets are available for tool-free installation on ferromagnetic surfaces. To protect the system from external influences, the BATbox 2S is locked with a cabinet key. A lock with a locking cylinder is also available as an option.
Components are flexibly and tool-free attached to the two internal DIN rails of the box and can be removed just as easily. The clamp for the UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm and a Velcro strap holder for the BATmode power supply unit are of course included in the scope of delivery. Cables for microphones and antenna can be secured using the supplied strain reliefs. If the cable glands need to be sealed, for example for installation in offshore wind turbines, sealing inserts are available as an option. These will be selected specifically for the configuration of your BATmode system.