The Batbox is the optimal mounting device to install the BATmode-System in a safe and protected manner within the nacelle of wind power plants. The compact enclosure is made of steel sheet and includes a special mounting plate. To keep the BATmode-System running even in case of an interrupted power supply of up to 11 hours an uninterruptible power supply (USP) can be purchased optionally. The dimensions of the BATbox are on the one hand large enough to allow for a comfortable installation and operation of the BATmode and on the other hand as compact as necessary to enable an easy placement within the nacelle of wind turbines without the need of an external hoist. To face the callenging environmental conditions in the nacelles, the BATbox guarantees sufficient air ventilation and a maximum of protection against external influences. So you can lock the box with a cabinet key or use an optional key cylinder. For installation, the BATbox can be mounted either on the wall or on the bottom of the nacelle. Thereby, door stop can be changed easily.