22. August 2019

27.-30. August 2019 – Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW) in Stirling

The fifth Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts will take place from  27-30 August 2019 in Stirling (Scotland). As usual, there will be a wide selection of presentations, which will not only show the environmental impacts faced at wind farms but also present approaches to resolving the key issues.
21. February 2019

Available from March 2019 – the new BATmode 2S and BATmode 2S+

The BATmode system becomes multi-channel capable.We are pleased to announce the new BATmode 2S/2S+, which can now record bat calls with up to four microphones simultaneously. However, since the measuring channels can be individually upgraded modularly according to the requirements of your measurement task, the BATmode 2S/2S+ is still also […]
22. January 2019

BATscreen 2.0 – now available for the manual check of an automated call categorization

We’re excited about making the workflow of bat call data analysis even more efficient with the new, extended BATscreen 2.0. The results of an automated call analysis, which was developed in the research project RENEBAT III, can now be imported directly in BATscreen 2.0 and are presented as bat categorization […]
27. August 2018

TM10 and TM20, our Microphones for Tower Wall Mounting in Wind Turbines

Since wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger, the rotor swept area, which can be monitored proportionally from the nacelle with a bat monitoring system, decreases. Consequently, there is a demand for additionally installed microphones, for example at the level of the lower rotor tips. Due to the limited accessibility, […]
21. November 2017

BATconnect SMS, the Android App for SMS Remote Control of your BATmode-Systems

BATconnect SMS, the free app for SMS remote control of your BATmode Systems is now available in the Android Play Store. BATconnect SMS  is designed to provide a simple and intuitive SMS control of your BATmode S and BATmode S+ bat monitoring systems as well as the iSocket or DRH-301 v3 […]
13. December 2016

BATscreen 1.0.3 released

BATscreen is now available for download in the download area.
24. August 2016

Available from September – the new BATmode S

We are very pleased to inform you, that the next generation of our bat monitoring system for wind turbines, the new BATmode S, is now available from September on. In comparison to its predecessor, it is not only much more cost-effective, but at the same time also more flexible and […]
18. August 2016

BATscreen – the perfect tool for the manual appraisal and analysis of bat call files

From the beginning, our goal was to standardize and simplify the whole process of bat monitoring on wind turbines as much as possible. By introducing the BATmode-System we provide in our opinion the best and most cost-effective way  to acquire bat calls on wind turbines over a long period of […]