The recently released online tools ProBat Designer, ProBat 7.1 and ProBat Inspector open a new chapter in the Probat story. Until now, Probat has only been used to calculate site-specific curtailment algorithms for a bat-friendly operation of wind turbines (WTGs) following the method developed in the RENEBAT-Projects. However, with the release of ProBat Designer and ProBat Inspector, the entire process of an intelligent bat protection at wind turbines is now supported - from determining the optimal sampling design with ProBat Designer, to calculating site-specific curtailment algorithms with ProBat 7.1, to the confirmation that the calculated curtailments are applied to the WTG in operation with ProBat Inspector.
While older ProBat versions run locally, all ProBat tools are now available as web app. By this, they can be conveniently executed in any browser and there is no further need to install software.
Especially ProBat 7.1 with its completely new, intuitive design and the extensive "tool tips", raises user-friendliness to a new level. In addition, the numerous new graphics and features of ProBat 7.1 offer extended functionality like the simultaneous editing of several WTGs of a wind farm or an interactive graphical check of the wind turbine and weather data.
In particular, we are happy that ProBat 7.1 it is now capable to directly read recording-time log files of the BATmode. By this, detector downtimes can be automatically calculated and considered in the curtailment calculation.
For further information, we recommend visiting the new ProBat website.