BATconnect SMS is designed to provide a simple and intuitive SMS remote control of your BATmode S and BATmode S+ bat monitoring systems as well as the iSocket or DRH-301 v3 Master GSM power switch sockets, which are often used as backup solutions.

With BATconnect SMS you create a simple and clear list view of all your BATmode systems as well as the connected GSM switch sockets.
To control the devices, you can send SMS commands by pressing the corresponding buttons and get directly displayed incoming reply SMS. Gone are the days when you have to memorize the SMS commands and type them- letter by letter -in the SMS messenger.
Thus, for example, you can start acoustic bat monitoring, adjust recording times or start the WIFI hotspot by pressing just one button. In addition, the evaluation of the daily incoming Status SMS is much easier, as they can be assigned directly to the stored systems.
Since BATmode systems are often used in combination with GSM power switch sockets like the iSocket or the DRH-301 v3 Master from GSM-One, both the control and configuration of these devices via SMS are also integrated in BATconnect SMS. Thus, monitoring of power supply as well as restarting the BATmode systems by disconnecting the power supply via SMS is easier than ever before.
BATconnect SMS is now available to download for free on the Google Play Store as an app for your Android smartphone. To get to the Play Store simply scan the QR code with your smartphone.