The new BATmode S: compact, less expensive, more powerful
6. July 2016
Available from September – the new BATmode S
24. August 2016

BATscreen – the perfect tool for the manual appraisal and analysis of bat call files

From the beginning, our goal was to standardize and simplify the whole process of bat monitoring on wind turbines as much as possible. By introducing the BATmode-System we provide in our opinion the best and most cost-effective way to acquire bat calls on wind turbines over a long period of time. But what happens next after data acquisition has been completed? On the one hand, the software RECORDER of Avisoft Bioacoustics enables for a fast automated analysis of acquired data. However, this does not exempt from a manual follow-up analysis of the results. Only by this, all noise recordings can be rejected and thus the shortest possible turn-off times can be achieved. On the other hand, the evaluated data must be exported in a Probat-compatible format to calculate switch-off times and cut-off wind speeds. This gap we close with BATscreen, a tool for a time-effective manual call analysis and categorization. With its fast and intuitive spectrogram calculation data can be analyzed to separate calls from noise recordings at a glance. Furthermore, with some practice, calls can also be distinguished at species level. Subsequently, categorized data can be exported in a ProBat-compatible format.

For more information or if you want to test the free BATscreen LITE click here.