We want to use this page to answer you some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the BATmode-System or BATbox. But nevertheless, if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to answer them.


Setup and scope of application

1Which kind of bat detector of our cooperation partner Avisoft Bioacoustics is used in the BATmode-System?

The BATmode-System uses the UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm bat detector of our cooperation partner Avisoft Bioacoustics. With a resolution of 16 bit and a sampling rate up to 300 kHz the system was particularly designed for the acquisition of bat calls. Combined with the outstanding bat call recognition filter, which reliably seperates bat calls from noise, the system defines the current state of the art.

2What power supply is needed for the BATmode-System and what happens in case of power failure?

The BATmode-System uses a conventional 100-240V AC 50/60Hz power supply (power supply unit included within the scope of delivery). In case of power failure, the bat monitoring will be interrupted. However, if power returns, the system will restart automatically and an active bat monitoring will be continued.

3What is the purpose of the temperatur sensor and where is it located in the BATmode-System?

The temperature sensor is used to acquire temperature data outside the nacelle of the wind turbine. To preclude influences of the microphone heating unit and other heat producing components of the wind turbine the sensor is located on the outside of the antenna disc.

4Which components and devices are necessary, to control the BATmode-System remotely from the tower base and transfer acquired data via WIFI connection?

The WIFI based remote access to the BATmode-System from the tower base is possible with every kind of WLAN-compatible mobile device, e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone. To improve signal quality and bandwidth of the connection external directional antennas could be applied, which enhance the antenna gain of the controlling mobile device. Directional antennas in various sizes and antenna gains are available from us.

5What the maximum heigth of wind turbines to allow stable remote control via WIFI connection?

We tested the BATmode-System on various wind turbines with heigths up to 140 m. In every case, connection bandwith was sufficient to enable remote control of the BATmode-System.

6Are the BATmode-System and the BATbox shielded against electromagnetic fields?

Since strong electromagnetic fields producing power components of wind turbines are often located within the nacelles, an effective shielding of the BATmode-System is essentiell to avoid interference effects. For this purpose, all components of the system are shielded and the steel made and grounded BATbox ensures a further electromagnetic protection of the BATmode-System.

7How are the components of the BATmode-System shielded and do you need further cables for grounding?

All components of the BATmode-System as well as the BATbox are grounded via the power supply. However if you prefer further grounding, a separate earthing cable is available from us.


Order and distribution

1How long is the expected period of delivery for a BATmode-System?

The time of delivery for a BATmode-System is about 2 weeks. Nevertheless, due to high demand slightly longer times of delivery may occur.