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BATmode 2S/2S+ System

The multi-channel capable Successor to the BATmode S/S+ for cost-effective Bat Monitorings with up to four Microphones

The BATmode 2S/2S+ is the ideal monitoring system for a wide variety of studies of bat activity under difficult environmental conditions, like on wind turbines. As its predecessor, the system is based on the proven UltraSoundGate from Avisoft Bioacoustics and its outstanding bat call recognition filter. But now, a simultaneous bat call recording with up to four microphones is possible. Together with the wide variety of remote access options, the BATmode 2S/2S+ is the most flexible system specially designed for long-term bat monitorings.


BATbox 2S

Install your BATmode S/S+ as well as BATmode 2S/2S+ System in a save and professional Manner within the Nacelle of Wind Power Plants

The BATbox 2S, which is especially made for the installation of the BATmode S/S+ and BATmode 2S/2S+, offers an easy installation and protects your system optimally from external influences. Hereby, dimensions and weigth of the BATbox 2S allows for an easy placement within the nacelle of the wind turbine without the need of an external hoist.



Choose the perfect suited Microphone for your Bat Monitoring Task

Depending on the location of detection, bat monitorings often place very special demands on used ultrasound microphones. We offer a wide variety of microphones for a wide range of measurement tasks.

BIRAL SWS-250 776×418

Meteorological Sensors

Capture meteorological data during your monitoring as well

Various meteorological sensors allow you to record data such as precipitation intensity, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction or visibility during your bat monitoring.


Solar kit for the BATmode System

Stay independent even with the power supply

With the photovoltaic complete solution, you can also carry out your bat monitoring at locations without power supply and thus remain flexible and independent.



Increase the Performance and Flexibility of your BATmode System

By using original accessories of bat bioacoustictechnology you expand the functionality as well as the scope of application of your BATmode-System.


BATscreen PRO

The perfect Tool for Bat Call Analysis

The Windows® application BATscreen PRO allows bat call analysis of large datasets. It includes an AI-based call detection and species identification as well as time-efficient review methods to generate data for turbine curtailment calculations with ProBat.


BATconnect SMS

The Android App for SMS Remote Control of your BATmode Systems

BATconnect SMS is the app for your smartphone for an easy and intuitive SMS control of your BATmode bat monitoring systems as well as the often used GSM switch sockets.