BATmode 2S/2S+

The latest generation of the acoustic
bat monitoring system for wind turbines

Following the great success of the BATmode S and BATmode S+ over the past few years, we are pleased to announce the BATmode 2S and BATmode 2S+, the newest members of the BATmode family. Optimized especially for the challenges and difficult conditions of a bat monitoring in wind turbines, the system enables efficient and reliable long-term studies on bat activity in conformity to legal guidelines.
With its extended customizability, the BATmode 2S/2S+ system can now be perfectly adapted to the requirements and needs of your measurement tasks. In addition to the choice of the two different versions BATmode 2S and BATmode 2S+, you can now record bat calls at up to four measuring points with just one BATmode system. Since the required hardware for each measuring channel can also be supplemented later in a modular manner, the new BATmode system is the ideal bat monitoring system for all stationary long-term studies. From a simple standard monitoring in the height of the nacelle of wind turbines with only one microphone up to bat call recordings with four microphones over the entire height of a measuring mast, a wide variety of measuring tasks can be realized cost-effectively with just one monitoring system.
Since measurements in the nacelle or tower wall of wind turbines as well as measurements on masts require completely different microphones, you can use for each measurement point the most suitable microphone. Choose between the GM50 or GM90 microphone discs specially designed for

the installation in nacelles, the TM10 and TM20 for tower wall mounting or use the microphone TM20 on masts.
Of course, all the remote access options known from the BATmode S/S+ are also available fir the BATmode 2S/2S+. So the system offers you LTE mobile cellular network, WIFI and wired LAN network. By this, you can remotely control the BATmode 2S/2S+ system via SMS, BATconnect App, Remote Desktop as well as our myBAT cloud and consequently, always have an eye on your system's performance. Thus, ascents to the nacelle become obsolete and costs are reduced.
In order to meet the increased memory requirements of up to four measuring channels, the internal storage capacity of the BATmode system has been doubled to 256 GB (BATmode 2S) or 512GB (BATmode 2S+). In combination with the proven UltraSoundGate hardware of our cooperation partner Avisoft Bioacoustics and its outstanding bat call filter, the system can be operated over an entire monitoring season without changing the storage medium. Furthermore, the time-consuming evaluation of the recorded data can be reduced to a minimum with the new ProBat-compatible automated call categorization and our analysis software BATscreen PRO.
Since the BATmode 2S/2S+, like its predecessor, combines all knowledge gained during numerous monitorings of bat activity within the RENEBAT-Projects, we can proudly say, that the named features make the BATmode 2S/2S+ system the perfect detection system for stationary long-term monitorings of bat activity like for example on wind turbines.


up to


less recorded noise
due to
outstanding bat call recognition filter

with a simultaniously larger number of recorded bat calls compared to other bat call detection systems

up to


cost reduction
due to
various remote accessibilities

for purchase and operation of the BATmode-System over an whole monitoring season compared to other bat call detection systems

Low maintenance due to various remote accessibilities


Flexible for a wide variety of bat monitoring tasks



microphone heating

to avoid variations of microphone sensitivity caused by condensate formation

testsignal speaker

to monitor and log microphone sensitivity daily

integrated data evaluation plots

to always keep an eye on the performance of your BATmode system

additional sensors

for the simultaneous acquisiton of temperature and precipitation rate