Of course, we have not rested after the successful release of the BATmode system last year. In contrast, we listened carefully to feedback and suggestions arriving from users of the BATmode-System. It soon became obvious that many of the submitted ideas had great potential, but were unrealizable with the current system. Consequently, we decided to bring a revised BATmode-System to market for the coming monitoring-season - the BATmode S/S+.
As the name extensions S or S + imply, the BATmode S/S+ is a significantly more compact BATmode system, which will be offered in two configurations. Thus, it is possible to select the optimal BATmode-System for your requirements and to save costs. Furthermore, we decided not to integrate the Avisoft UltraSoundGate fixed in the BATmode, prospectively. This offers several advantages. On the one hand, the UltraSoundGate can also be used as an USB dongle for other measuring systems or for data analysis on desktop computers. On the other hand, customers who already have a corresponding UltraSoundGate, can continue using their existing hardware. Since lots of feedback requests for higher storage capacity, we furthermore decided to expand this significantly.
Of course, all features known from the "old" BATmode-System remain untouched. The following list summarizes the main features of the new BATmode S/S+.